HAEMUS_archaeological tours

Unqualified guides are illegal in the Republic of Macedonia.
Make sure your tourist guide is licensed!

HAEMUS, as a center for scientific research, but also as a center for promotion of the culture, provides itineraries thought rich natural and cultural-historical heritage of the Republic of Macedonia. HAEMUS runs short and long tours that enable visitors to relax and enjoy in viewing the sites and monuments located in different cities and regions in the Republic of Macedonia. These tours are guided by professional archaeologists, art historians, historians and ethnologists with the qualified tourist guide license given by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia. We are engaged in:

• Tours
• Excursions
• Sustainable development

Map of the Archaeological sites in the Republic of Macedonia
You can book a tour, or you can contact us in the following ways:
By emailcontact@haemus.org.mk
By phone: 00 389 77 524 987