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If you are specializing in a prehistoric study
(abroad programs for university groups in Europe)

As a domestic coordinator, HAEMUS and HAEMUS Travel team are focused on the logistic of Kokino to create an unforgettable experience for our student groups and help students and faculty leaders to discover prehistory of Macedonia through educational travel.

Educational tour to Kokino

We are a talented, dedicated, educated, and well-organized team of professionals in cultural heritage. Our main mission is researching and promoting rich Macedonian heritage, and developing and delivering customized education programs with strong academic and cultural components in close partnership with elementary and high schools, faculty leaders and administrators at colleges and universities around the world who want to visit and experienced Kokino, as well as Macedonia and its culture and traditions.


 Deliver a high level of educational service
 Provide detailed information about Kokino and its public transportation system and give suggestions about what to do in the region
 Take care of the logistics if you are going on a tour with us

The lecture about Kokino by Olgica Kuzmanovska, Ph.D., organized by HAEMUS in collaboration with the Archaeological Institute of America within the International Archaeology day 2018


 Fluent in English
 With excellent organizational and communication skills
 Possess the ability to deal with stressful circumstances
 Very good in problem-solving skills
 Reliability, flexibility, and open-minded
 Has experience in the field (especially archaeological sites)