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Dear heritage lovers,

During the eight years of existence of HAEMUS and 4 years since we establish HAEMUS Travel as our social enterprise, we have organized a number of tours, excursions and participate in creating a national or regional strategies for sustainable development of cultural tourism.

We organize short walking tours and longer trips which are exclusively managed by experts who seriously work in the field of cultural heritage. These excursions are led by professional archaeologists, art historians, historians, ethnologists and tourism professionals with qualified license for professional tour guide certified by Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

We cooperate with the private, civil and public sectors. In our portfolio we have recommendations of our long term customers who use our services:  President of the Republic of Macedonia, General Staff of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, Macedonian Ministry of Defense,  Embassy of USA,  Swiss Embassy, French Embassy, UNESCO, USAID, ALDA, local tourist agencies, Planning regions of the Republic of Macedonia and others.

We are at your service with our high educated staff.