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The secrets of the medieval mining tour


Full day tour through the city of Kratovo includes visit of the Old part of the city (the Old Bazaar known as Ajduchka charshija), Middle Age bridges and towers and old-town traditional architecture, particularly significant for Kratovo.

The city of Kratovo is a small picturesque town located in the eastern part of the country, midway between the road to Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka and Probistip. It is situated in the belly of an ancient and burnt-out volcanic crater, at an altitude of approximately 580-750 m above sea level, with population of 6 400 inhabitants. The city has Mediterranean continental climate and the main economy in this small place is the mining industry, but lately as well as the tourism due to its traditional architecture, medieval bridges, clock towers, and narrow cobblestone-paved streets. The town possesses a very specific architecture dominated by 12 old bridges and 6 middle-age towers.

The history of this little town has always been connected with mining. Since ancient times lead, zinc, silver, copper, gold ore have been exploited here. It is believed that the name of the town originates from the word ‘krater’ – meaning a volcano crater. This is a city which dates back to the pre-Slavic period and it existed at the same place during the antiquity, Middle Ages, Byzantium and Ottoman period. In the course of the Middle Ages its most significant function was mining, which was developed in its immediate vicinity by the Sasi population. During the Ottoman reign, mining and trade increasingly prospered. In the 14th century Kratovo was a major mining center in this part of the Turkish Empire. After the war between Austria and Turkey and the Karpos uprising, the city economically decreased and the population started leaving the city.

Itinerary: Ajduchki bazaar (the most oldest part of the city), 500 hundred years old pines, city architecture (including middle age towers and bridges), the City museum of Kratovo (weekend are non-working), St. George Kratovski church (national saint), the St John church, the St. Nicholas church and the Kratovo rock art center.

Departure: at request
Duration: 6-8 hours
Time: at request
Guide: Professional licensed tourist guide
Price: 65 EUR per person

Included: Licensed guide; transport, coffee brake
Excluded: Gratuities (optional)
Getting around: Walking
Minimum people required: 3
Maximum people allowed: 6

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